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OkHIMA Student Ambassador Application

OkHIMA invites YOU to apply to be a Student Ambassador!

Deadline is December 20, 2018
Why join the elite class of Student Ambassadors?

There are endless benefits to being an Ambassador, but our favorites include:
  • Gaining valuable knowledge of convention processes
  • Volunteer experience to add to a resume
  • Network with top leaders in our state and possible employers
  • Growing in professionalism, communication, knowledge, and project management skills
  • Building your portfolio and resume through specialized task assignments
  • Earning respect and recognition among HIM professionals
  • Access to convention sessions during assignments
  • Possibility of being selected for future OkHIMA board position as Student Ambassador Chair
Want more information on what it is like being an Ambassador?

Learn more and find FAQs here

Application Requirements:
  • Must be a student in a CAHIIM accredited HI program at time of application
  • Must be a student member of AHIMA.
  • Must have means of transportation, email, and phone access.
  • Submit answers to all questions on application
  • Submit two letters of reference, at least one from an HIM professional
  • Submit a copy of your current resume
  • Be willing to do the following:
    • Devote time to completing preconvention tasks in a timely manner
    • Work diligently in all duties at convention
    • Communicate effectively
    • Attend any required meetings.
    • Demonstrate writing skills
Applicant Information
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School Affiliation *This question is required.
Additional Required Documentation to Upload:
  • Two letters of reference, at least one from an HIM professional (employer, faculty member, clinical site coordinator, etc.)
  • A copy of your current resume
Letter of Reference 1 *This question is required.
Letter of Reference 2 *This question is required.
Current Resume *This question is required.